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DALLEFLEX Damping Slabs
Dalleflex Safety Damping Tiles

Standard EN1177

Dalleflex Safety Dampening Slabs have a number of excellent features to enhance the appearance, feel and life of your floor. They comply with HCL and EN1177. Dalleflex Damping Safety Slabs are produced in 100cm x 100cm, 100cm x 50cm and 50cm x 50cm slabs, with recycled EPDM and SBR granules and polyurethane binder.

Two finishes are available to you, the first is a finish with 1cm of EPDM granules and the second with a Decofloor finish pressed on the damping layer (our range of rubber floors in roll). They are homogeneous and respectful of the environment.

Designed for areas subject to heavy wear. Durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal make Dalleflex the perfect solution for Playground, Nursery, School, etc., indoor and outdoor applications. .

From schools to retirement homes to all interior and exterior projects, Dalleflex Safety Dampening Slabs provide a comfortable, durable and resilient surface for countless situations and activities. Multi Floor Solutions offers the most complete range of commercial rubber products on the French and World markets.

VERSATILE DESIGNS: With a wide variety of colors, allowing a wide range of ranges and expanding the choice of designers to express their creativity. Dalleflex Safety Dampening Slabs provide a wide range of colors, making the design of rubber flooring easy and efficient.

DURABLE: Dalleflex Safety Dampening Slabs are made to last without cracking and can be installed in areas of intense play.

SAFE: Safety is the number one concern in commercial applications. With the Dalleflex Safety Slab, you are compliant and the excellent performance in slip resistance, fire behavior and smoke emission guarantee safety in the workplace and in public spaces. All products are made with raw materials that are safe for the environment and for people during the manufacturing and handling process; asbestos free, halogen free and PVC free.

ABSORBENTS SOUND: The use of highly flexible compounds ensures a high level of noise reduction, creating a quiet environment.

FLEXIBLE, RESILIENT AND ANTI FATIGUE: Permanent Flexibility and Resilience are the main features of the Dalleflex Safety Slab. Using rubbers and compounds of the highest quality. These features are maintained throughout their life offering a very high degree of comfort under the foot and an anti-fatigue effect.

ECONOMIC: There is no doubt that Dalleflex Safety Slab is the most economical floor covering because of its long life cycle and low maintenance cost.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: Dalleflex Safety Dampening Slabs contain a high percentage of recycled rubber and do not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment. They are halogen free, formaldehyde free and PVC free. The Dalleflex Safety Dampening Slabs themselves can be fully recycled and do not generate toxic substances at the end of their life.
Dalleflex EPDM Finish
Dalleflex EPDM finish Safety and color diversity for playgrounds With the Dalleflex anti-shock slab EPDM finish, we have unlimited freedom in the choice of colors. The playgrounds with our slabs Dalleflex Finishing EPDM meet the safety requirements according to EN 1177: 2009
Dalleflex Finishing Top Layer DECOFLOOR
dalleflex dalles securite
Safety and color diversity for playgrounds With the Dalleflex Finishing Top Layer Decofloor, we have unlimited freedom in the choice of colors. Playgrounds with our Dalleflex Finishing Top Layer Decofloor slabs meet safety requirements according to EN 1177: 2009
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