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Sturdy and easy to maintain

Decofloor ECO range is a robust, easy to maintain and water-insensitive floor covering.

Decofloor ECO range

Designed especially for sports halls, ice rinks, commercial and technical premises, or showrooms. Thanks to its high resistance to loads and its excellent resistance to mechanical effects, Decofloor Eco is a universal coating. Thanks to the choice of color shades, this flooring adapts to your aspirations while improving comfort when walking and reducing impact noise. It is a very effective sound insulation. With 80% recycled tires and being recyclable at the end of its life, Decofloor Eco is by definition an ecological coating.
decoflor eco
Materials: Recycled rubber granules (black) 30% and EPDM granules 70% agglomerated with a polyurethane elastomer.
Dimensions Rolls Width 1.25 m - Length 10, 20 to 30ml (according to thickness)
decoflor eco
Non-slip compound (EN 14041) Homogeneous construction Durable, Sound Absorption, Environment friendly, Gloss finish (gel coat), Fire rated Sfl s1
decoflor eco
Offices, Health Facilities, Schools, Classrooms, Washrooms, Gangways, Buildings, Entrances, Auditoriums, Corridors, Balconies, Cinemas, Buses, Trains, Train Station Wharves, Fitness, Aerobics, Changing Rooms, Skating Rinks, Ski Shops, Beaches Pools ...
decoflor eco
With 80% recycled tires and being recyclable at the end of its life, the Decofloor Eco multi-sport floor is by definition an ecological coating.
DECOFLOR products can be supplied in different colors and adapted to the concept of its environment, free catalog see below.
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