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Decofloor: Effective Long-Term Protection for Resilient Rubber Floors
Decofloor and SM Sport floor coverings are raw, matte and homogeneous and we recommend the application of a water-based finishing gelcoat which allows a glossy floor and easy cleaning.

* R 10 slip resistance without additives
* Cost and time saving thanks to this application
* Facilitates maintenance cleaning
* Perfect resistance against dirt
* Perfect resistance to hand sanitizing solutions
Certied for:
* Chemical resistance according to DIN 68861
* Resistant to saliva and sweat
* Suitable for EN 71-3 toys
* Suitable for sports floors according to DIN 18032 (EN 14904)
Vernis Entretien RZ
Vernis Entretien RZ ,
Solvent-free, two-component sealant for extreme long-term protection
newly installed flooring or for the repair of old coatings
resilient rubber floor.
* Absolutely solvent free in component A + B
* Very fast drying
* Great durability
* Facilitates maintenance cleaning
Certied for:
* Chemical resistance according to DIN 68861
* Resistant to saliva and perspiration
* Suitable for EN 71-3 toys
Decofloor: Maintenance

Multi Soil Solutions (SMS) recommends a complete cleaning and maintenance program for Decofloor and SM Sport Coatings.

1. Decofloor and SM Sport coatings are not precoated with a specific gel and must be protected against damage caused by construction activities.

2. The post-installation protection and maintenance must be specified by the architect or supervisor to be able to protect the coating until the completion of the project, and its delivery to the owner.
We recommend covering Decofloor and SM Sport coatings completely with polyane or paper type film. And this, until the construction site is finished, and the maintenance and cleaning program can begin.

3. Multi Soil Solutions (SMS) recommends that the architect or prime contractor assign responsibility for the final cleaning as part of the overall project.
This responsibility should be specified to key stakeholders, such as the maintenance team, contractors, cleaning company or owner.
General recommendations for cleaning rubber floors:

• Use a strong vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other residues.
• Clean the coating with a washer.
• Wait until the floor is completely dry before applying the "gel-coat" allowing ease of future maintenance (OPTION).
• For large areas, and for best results, use
regularly a self-washer.

SMS recommends cleaning products RZ (contact us)
Alkaline basic cleaner for the removal of stubborn dirt, layers of accumulated care agents and adhesive residue on Decooor and SM Sport resilient rubber floor coverings.
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