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Waterproof System: SM Sport Duo Choice 14

The SM Sport Duo Choice 14
SM Sport Duo 14 has been specially designed for Indoor and Outdoor sport applications and is recommended for Athletics, Training, School or PROS training for Competitions.

It consists of a 10 mm thick SBR underlay made of pre-rolled rubber made from old RECYCLED tires and a 4 mm thick high density EPDM wear layer made of pre-rolled rubber.

It is characterized by a regular color that offers excellent contrast to the necessary adjustments of color sets.

It can be applied on concrete or asphalt supports.

The advantages of this sport floor system are: high elasticity, energy impact damping, high coefficient of friction, aesthetic appearance, with almost invisible seal, resistant to shoe tips.

The athletic floor system for Track Athletics and Sports Fields is highly resistant to changing weather conditions, including low temperatures and UV rays. The SM Sport Duo 14 system is a two-layer waterproof coating. System thickness of +/- 14 mm

SM Sport Duo 14 (Waterproof System)
Revêtement sols sport SM Sport Duo 14
SM Sport PUR (Waterproof System) Workflow
Revêtement sols sport SM Sport Duo 14
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