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Waterproof System: SM Sport Flystep Track CERTIFIED IAAF

SM Sport Flystep Track Choice CERTIFIED IAAF

Precursor Rubber Athletic Track SM Sport Flystep Track is a prefabricated sports flooring in rolls specifically designed for competitive athletic performance.

The surfaces of the track are made of natural, synthetic synthetic rubbers for embossing and then vulcanized for excellent performance and durability.

The Wear Layer is originally designed to perform uniform abrasion and friction at each point on the surface.

The unique, yet unified design of the top layer allows quick drainage of surfaces and facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

Sub Layer is specially designed to provide excellent strength reduction and stable adhesion to the substrate.

The structure is more effective in shock absorption and restores energy to the athletes.
Why are we confident with SM Sport Flystep Track? Compare samples of SM Sport Flystep Track with others !! Everyone can find our system much quieter than any other. Because we use a new natural rubber material. The adhesive used for bonding is produced by the factory that manufactures the SM Sport Flystep Track system depending on the concrete or coated substrate. Thickness of the System of 13 mm.
SM Sport Flystep Track (Waterproof System)
Revêtement sols sports piste d'Athlétisme,
SM Sport Flystep Track (Waterproof System) Workflow
Revêtement sols sports piste d'Athlétisme,
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